02.10.2022, 14:00—22:00
Affair Daytime Club

Cas co Press Picture

On Sunday 2 October Affair will be trans­for­ming the Cas-co buil­ding into a tem­po­ra­ry Daytime Club. Get your dan­cing feet rea­dy and join us for an after­noon of some hea­vy dan­cing. Impressive sce­no­grap­hy and groovy beats guaranteed!



Dana Kuehr


We pri­o­ri­ti­se cre­a­ting an envi­ron­ment that feels as safe and free as pos­si­ble.
No form of inti­mi­da­ti­on, dis­cri­mi­na­ti­on or vio­len­ce will be tole­ra­ted.
Something feels off? Don’t hesi­ta­te to visit Affairs Care Corner, talk to one of the Affairies or mes­sa­ge the Safety Number.