Maria Klaassen-Andrianova

Studio Vaartstraat
Periode: 01.04.2022—…

Maria (1990) was born and rai­sed in Kazan, Russia whe­re she attai­ned a bache­lor degree in IT. In 2013 she moved to the Netherlands and attai­ned the­re a bache­lor of fine arts (with honours) at HKU (University of the Arts Utrecht). Currently based in Brussels.

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Maria Klaassen-Andrianova

Maria Klaassen-Andrianova was rai­sed against the back­drop of ide­o­lo­gi­cal and eco­no­mi­cal swings of post-soviet Russia and has devel­o­ped a strong noti­on of tem­po­ra­li­ty. In her artis­tic prac­ti­ce she thus aban­dons the pro­duc­ti­on of an art object that is meant to last and choo­ses more intan­gi­ble, tem­po­ra­ry forms. In her inter­ven­ti­ons in public spa­ces, per­for­man­ces and par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry situ­a­ti­ons she see­ks a fleeting yet pro­found enga­ge­ment with the vie­wer in here and now. Countering the dis­rup­ti­ve visu­al over­flow she uses mini­ma­lis­tic lan­gu­a­ge to invi­te the vie­wer to slow down, grow awa­re of one­self and one’s sur­roun­dings. Maria Klaassen-Andrianova often draws on ordi­na­ry objects and situ­a­ti­ons to ques­ti­on the very sys­tem whe­rein they cir­cu­la­te. Through deli­ca­te nega­ti­on and absur­di­ty she breaks down the com­mon inter­pre­ta­ti­on and opens up a spa­ce for reflec­ti­on and doubt. The visu­al lan­gu­a­ge of Maria Klaassen-Andrianova is subt­le and refi­ned, howe­ver aimed to rai­se a cri­ti­cal thought and shar­pen the awareness.