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Beat By Beat #13

Beat by beat

Beat By Beat #13

Talks and live shows…”

We’re tea­ming up with Fabrik 2018 at Cas-co this time! On the menu are two talks and two live-shows. The most pro­mi­s­ing beat­ma­ker accor­ding to Red Bull Elektropedia and a very pro­mi­s­ing Leuven-based jazz-sin­ger. Oh and this time the­re’s an after­boun­ce too.

Talks and per­for­man­ces by:



Music by:

Kurt Broken

Free entran­ce

BEAT by BEAT is a open hou­se’ con­cept whe­re like min­ded pro­du­cers, dee­jays, bedroom beat­ma­kers, musi­cians, musi­clo­vers, … can meet and inspi­re one another.

The plat­form ser­ves as a easi­ly acces­si­ble mee­ting spot bet­ween pro­du­cers but also as a net­wor­king pla­ce for artists, mana­gers, boo­kers and jour­na­lists. In our infor­mal set­ting way we aim to start a dia­log with young pro­du­cers about all the aspects of the pro­du­cer being’ (live show, relea­se, pro­mo, but most­ly production)

This event is part of Fabrik 2018

Hosted by Tangram Records

Support by mijnLeuven, Fabrik Leuven and Cas-co

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