24.09.2022, 21:00—23:00
Arachnea - Justine Grillet & Mathias MU (part of LUCIFER, Ijzerenberg Triennal)

Nature render copy sq

For the seventh edi­ti­on of the Ijzerenberg sculp­tu­re tri­en­ni­al, LUCIFER, cura­tor Petrus Paklons and artist Ellen Pil invi­ted nine artists to be pre­sen­ted in the form of seven enti­ties. Two of tho­se artists, Justine Grillet and Mathias MU, will pre­sent Arachnea, a work in two parts: three sculp­tu­res in the gar­den at Ijzerenberg and an audio­vi­su­al instal­la­ti­on in the silos in maak­leer­plek. This instal­la­ti­on will be on view on the 24th of September, during Equinox.

The work Arachnea is the tes­ti­mo­ny of the syn­er­gy bet­ween two lovers: Justine Grillet and Mathias Mu. Light as alu­mi­ni­um and far as Pluto. For the sculp­tu­res in the gar­den, they star­ted out by asking an arti­fi­ci­al intel­li­gen­ce to gene­ra­te ima­ges of alien-like meat eating plants. A cros­sover bet­ween the gro­tesque and the extra­ter­re­stri­al, in line with their prac­ti­ces, asking it to gene­ra­te any­thing from res­in to bio­de­gra­da­ble plas­tic”. On the basis of the­se ima­ges they loo­ked for sha­pes and forms that Justine would then make out of cera­mics. Her sculp­tu­res were then scan­ned and ren­de­red into the com­pu­ter by Mathias who expand­ed on them by means of 3D sculp­ting. Since the sculp­tu­res are digi­tal in essen­ce, they will also be dis­play­ed in a digi­tal envi­ron­ment at the silos in maak­leer­plek, hosted by Cas-co. It is ver­ti­gi­nous instal­la­ti­on whe­re the digi­tal is mate­ri­a­li­sed and digi­ta­li­sed once again so the audio can talk to the visu­al. Together, they cre­a­ted a con­ver­sa­ti­on bet­ween mate­ri­als far apart. And in the time worn craft of cera­mics and the snaz­zy dazz­ling­ness’ of 3D sculp­ting they devel­o­ped a new visu­al lan­gu­a­ge brea­king down old bina­ries. The orga­nic is kis­sing with the syn­the­tic and the old embra­ces the new. But the work wants to return to natu­re again; like a game of ping pong.’ (text by Mme Vandam)