Marica Marinoni & Jef Everaert:
Vivants (Working Title)

Periode: 25.09—01.10.2023

Marica and Jef fol­low the same cir­cus edu­ca­ti­on three years apart, both going first to Flic scu­o­la di cir­co and then to Centre National des Arts du Cirque. Sharing the same fas­ci­na­ti­on for research on the wheel, they devel­op dis­tinct sty­les. Over the years, they feel incre­a­sin­gly bound by the same obses­si­on, fee­ling inspi­red by their diver­si­ty and com­ple­men­ta­ri­ty of thought, body and cul­tu­re. After Jef’s « Échappées » in 2022, they found them­sel­ves with the con­cre­te desi­re to devel­op a pro­ject together whe­re their research on the wheel could have a pla­ce. So they set about wri­ting their first show together, as co-writers.

Partnership(s): CIRKLABO
Jef Everaert

Marica Marinoni & Jef Everaert:
Vivants (Working Title)

Two enti­ties with diver­gent appe­a­ran­ces meet around an object, through which they dis­co­ver both the strength and the dif­fi­cul­ty of what we call diver­si­ty”. Jef and Marica dis­co­ver their com­ple­men­ta­ri­ty in their phy­si­cal and tem­pe­ra­men­tal dif­fe­ren­ces. United by a lar­ge iron hoop, they evol­ve together. It’s the sto­ry of a mee­ting bet­ween two peo­p­le who have to face their lone­li­ness. They go together in the oppo­si­te direc­ti­on, trying to con­front each other gently.

During this labo they will lay the ground­work for the con­ti­nu­a­ti­on of this project.

Partners/​credit project

  • Production Déléguée: CirQ’onflex ‑Dijon
  • Le Théâtre — Scène Nationale de Mâcon
  • Centre National des Arts du Cirque — Châlons-en-Champagne 
  • Circa — Pôle Nationale de Cirque Auch
  • Cirk’Eole — Montigny-les-Metz
  • CIRKLABO — Leuven (Belgique)
  • Théâtre Mansart, Crous BFC — Dijon