06.05-11.05: An Roovers participates in the 15th International Ceramics Symposium (Argentina)

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An Roovers has been invi­ted to par­ti­ci­pa­te in the 15th International Ceramics Symposium, in recog­ni­ti­on of the career of the cera­mist Guillermo Mañe. This event will take pla­ce from May 6th to 11th, 2024, at the Insti­tu­to Muni­ci­pal de Cerá­mi­ca de Avel­la­ne­da Emilio Villafa­ñe in Avellaneda, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The aim of this pro­ject is to pro­vi­de a spa­ce for exchan­ge and tech­no­lo­gi­cal research regar­ding the various aes­the­tic pro­po­sals that can ari­se in the field of cera­mics. It is high­ly valu­a­ble to appre­ci­a­te how each artist con­structs their work, to under­stand dif­fe­rent cri­te­ria in cre­a­ting an ima­ge, and to have the oppor­tu­ni­ty to sha­re our expe­rien­ces in the tra­de. The pur­po­se of the mee­ting is not only to show cera­mic tech­ni­ques, but also to show pro­ces­ses and dif­fe­rent methods to address the poten­ti­al of clay and/​or ceramics.