16-19.05: Cas-co at Antwerp Art Weekend


DON’T THINK TWICE, IT’S ALL RIGHT’ (met o.a. Sarah De Vos)

16/05/2024 — 16/06/2024

Gallery Sofie Van de Velde

During this edi­ti­on of Antwerp Art Weekend, Sofie Van de Velde Gallery is pre­sen­ting two strands of loo­king” over the two gal­le­ries of the South and the New South.

While one exhi­bi­ti­on will be more focu­sed on nar­ra­ti­ve in figu­ra­ti­ve pain­ting, the other one will touch on the momen­ta­ry, in for­mal­ly sim­ple works. Reduction or enhan­ce­ment— what is illu­mi­na­ted in production?

Aesthetic Echoes’ (met o.a. Sarah De Vos)

16/05/2024 — 16/06/2024

PLUS-ONE Gallery South

With Aesthetic Echoes, PLUS-ONE Gallery wants to revi­ve the appre­ci­a­ti­on, inti­ma­cy and ritu­al of the ico­nic for­mat. Trough paying homa­ge to the sig­ni­fi­can­ce of the album cover art­work, whi­le embra­cing the fea­si­bi­li­ty of con­tem­po­ra­ry artis­tic interpretation.

In the light of the subt­le yet sig­ni­fi­cant role music plays within the iden­ti­ty of PLUS-ONE Gallery, Aesthetic Echoes see­ks to revi­ve this through jux­ta­po­si­ti­on and care­ful cura­ti­on of the diver­se artis­tic inter­pre­ta­ti­ons of a hund­red artists. Each one of them will be invi­ted to reima­gi­ne the 33-inch vinyl record cover of a num­ber, album, artist they feel intertwi­ned with and reflect it’s essen­ce and their own artis­tic inter­pre­ta­ti­on of it in this par­ti­cu­lar format.