09.12.2023, 14:00—15:00
Antoinette Jattiot

Portrait Antoinette Jattiot c Billy Micquel c95bea59da751c1948c636b8ad69ba60

Photo by Billy Miquel

On Dec. 9, Cas-co will wel­co­me cura­tor Antoinette Jattiot for a lunch lec­tu­re and stu­dio visits. She is part of Petticoat Government, the project/​collective (Denicolai & Provoost * Antoinette Jattiot * Nord * Spec uloos) that will repre­sent Belgium at the Venice Biennale 2024. During the talk at 14.00, she will sha­re insights about her prac­tice and pro­jects. Afterwards, at 15.00, Flag #4 by Petticoat Government will be inau­gu­ra­ted at Stroom, fol­lo­wed by the live­ly pro­gram­me of the finis­sa­ge of Fringe.

Antoinette Jattiot is a Brussels-based author and cura­tor with a back­ground in art his­to­ry and french-ger­man studies. 

Particular inte­rests inclu­de the issues of still and moving ima­ges, con­cep­tu­al metho­do­lo­gies, lan­gu­a­ge, memo­ry and eco­lo­gy. She is fas­ci­na­ted by the poro­si­ty of the­se sub­jects at the cross­roads of art and the col­la­bo­ra­ti­ve prac­ti­ces resul­ting from the research. She is part of the col­lec­ti­ve (Denicolai & Provoost * NORD * Spec uloos * Antoinette Jattiot) who ima­gi­ned the sce­na­rio of Petticoat Government that will repre­sent Belgium at the Venice Biennale 2024. She is also public pro­gram­mes cura­tor at the La Loge art cen­tre in Brussels. 

Earlier cura­to­ri­al pro­jects inclu­de In Between Utopia and Failure (2020), A Common Breath (2021), Reclaiming Places (2021), Constellations for futu­res (2021), Water & Ghostfriends with Castélie Yalombo (2022). In the past, she wor­ked as an assis­tant cura­tor, edi­tor and researcher in the visu­al arts, alongsi­de insti­tu­ti­ons such as WIELS and M Leuven, and inter­na­ti­o­nal gal­le­ries. She is a regu­lar con­tri­bu­tor to art maga­zi­nes such as l’art même and revue 02 and col­la­bo­ra­tes with artists for pro­du­cing cata­lo­gues and cura­ting inde­pen­dent exhi­bi­ti­ons (Though, All the room be moti­on­less by Anaïs Chabeur, V2Vingt, 2021). She also tea­ches at ESA Le 75.