30.11.2023, 19:00—22:00
Inauguration 'Perpetuum Broodbile' by Sarah & Jonas - Nocturnal art trail 'Outs & aBouts' by Curating The Young

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Welcome on Thu. 30.11, for a noc­tur­nal art trail with Curating The Young (19:00, start: Cas-co) and the inau­gu­ra­ti­on of Perpetuum Broodbile’ by Sarah & Jonas (20:00, maak­leer­plek), a 150 m² art­work in public spa­ce. The monu­men­tal ban­ner is devel­o­ped in the fra­me­work of Fringe and will adorn the faca­de of maak­leer­plek for the coming year. 

Curating The Young will gui­de you through the group exhi­bi­ti­on Out & aBouts’ with seve­r­al tem­po­ra­ry art­works in the public spa­ce of the Vaartkom. During the walk, you will also explo­re Off the Grid’s pro­gram­me in public spa­ce, with the flag by Lisa Ijeoma at Stroom, and the instal­la­ti­on of Amber Roucourt at maak­leer­plek. Make sure to bring warm clo­t­hes and a torch!

Time table:

19:00 — Start at Cas-co (Vaartstraat 94)

19:05 – 20:00 — Guided tour Out & aBouts’ with Curating The Young in Vaartkom

20:00 — Inauguration Perpetuum Broodbile’ by Sarah & Jonas (maak­leer­plek, Stapelhuisstraat 13/15)

Perpetuum Broodbile:

In​‘Perpetuum Broodbile’, the artist duo Sarah & Jonas depicts the meta­morp­ho­sis of the grain of wheat by means of a col­la­ge using salt dough as base mate­ri­al. The ima­ge explo­res the asym­me­try bet­ween man as a con­su­ming being and the resour­ces con­su­med. In addi­ti­on, the grain of wheat in its various gui­ses builds a brid­ge bet­ween the exhi­bi­ti­on site — making pla­ce is the for­mer grain mil­ling fac­to­ry de Molens van Orshoven — and the loa­ves of bread that are fre­quent­ly pre­sent in Dieric Bouts’ oeu­vre.The work unfolds as a dip­tych. Along one side, the game board wit­hout begin­ning or end, whe­re wheat trans­forms auto­no­mous­ly from seed to bread befo­re decom­po­sing again in a sys­tem of ano­ny­mous entrails. In the second part, the per­spec­ti­ve shifts and we see pawns and play­ers appe­a­ring around the board. The trans­for­ma­ti­on then see­ms to be play­ed and not itself after all.

Out & aBouts

As part of Fringe fes­ti­val, Curating The Young is orga­ni­zing the open air exhi­bi­ti­on Out & aBouts” around the Leuven canal, an area locals like to refer to as the Vaart”. For this exhi­bi­ti­on in public spa­ce, our team wor­ked with five young artists who were inspi­red by Dieric Bouts, Ynne de Wever, Beppe Geerts, Pina Geyskens, Nel Maertens and Dauwke Van Kerckhove. Through the Erfgoedapp, they add an extra dimen­si­on to their work. We belie­ve that art is for eve­ry­o­ne and shouldn’t be some­thing exclu­si­ve. Going to a gal­lery or muse­um can be inti­mi­da­ting to a lot of peo­p­le. Therefore, we make it our mis­si­on to cre­a­te an envi­ron­ment whe­re eve­ry­o­ne can expe­rien­ce art in an acces­si­ble way. That’s how we came up with the idea to orga­ni­ze an open air exhi­bi­ti­on and to con­nect the art­works to each other by cura­ting a wal­king rou­te around them. Since the exhi­bi­ti­on takes pla­ce in public spa­ces, it is enti­re­ly free to visit, no tic­kets or reser­va­ti­ons nee­ded! If you’d like to sup­port the artists, you can buy a series of objects during the exhi­bi­ti­on, such as prints and postcards.

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