on and on and on and on - INFINITIF


… vroeg of laat neemt het zich­zelf onder de loep, buigt het zich over zich­zelf en bijt het zich­zelf in de staart.” (Vogelaar J.F. Terugschrijven (1987), 283)

The group exhi­bi­ti­on is the result of INFINITIFs resi­d­en­cy in the Off The Grid Space. In the pre­ce­ding months, the artists Tim Bruggeman, Jelle Martens, Chantal van Rijt and Maxime Le Bon visi­ted each other’s stu­dio’s and sha­red lines of thoughts and methods of wor­king. Accumulation, dou­bling and degra­da­ti­on is a com­mon thread within each prac­ti­ce, which gui­ded the set-up of the exhi­bi­ti­on. Can we per­cei­ve the exhi­bi­ti­on as hand­ling a publi­ca­ti­on? Reading the spa­ce and wor­king with its rhythm, struc­tu­re, lay-out, sequen­ce and surfa­ce. Bringing things in order, on and on and on and on.

Image: The Mundaneum by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine

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