Ilse Van Roy

Studio Vaartstraat
Periode: 11.04—31.12.2015

Ilse Van Roy is beel­dend kun­ste­naar en les­ge­ver aan de PXL-MAD School Of Arts in Hasselt en de Rijksakademie in Amsterdam.

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Studio View

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Ilse Van Roy

The last few deca­des have been mar­ked by a new con­scious­ness, awa­ke­ned like an elep­hant in the glass sto­res of our capi­ta­list soci­e­ty as a result of the glo­bal eco­no­mic and envi­ron­men­tal cri­sis. We are vul­ne­ra­ble, not fore­ver young, not fore­ver pret­ty, not fore­ver powerful. Nature is fra­gi­le, and once the balan­ce is dest­roy­ed, it will ine­vi­ta­bly hit us back. Each indi­vi­du­al rea­li­zes that he is some­whe­re in that cycle, bet­ween that begin­ning with birth and the end that will sure­ly come but does not reve­al its secrets.

The work of Ilse Van Roy depicts this inter­me­di­a­te sta­ge, in which we all are in bet­ween’ the­se pha­ses, always uncer­tain, on the edge of the abyss, vul­ne­ra­ble fore­ver, to all eter­ni­ty. Ready to fore­ver remind us that we should not run away anxi­ous­ly. We can stand still, have a look, becau­se nothing is fore­ver, nothing is good or bad, nothing is unbe­a­ra­bly ugly or divi­ne­ly attrac­ti­ve. It is both. Black is light. Silently the work whis­pers some­thing we have to dwell on eve­ry now and then: Memento Mori’… remem­ber that you will die.” – Wayn Traub, 2014