16.11.2023, 18:00—23:00
Part I: The Dinner / Part II: The Nightcap - Domingo Collective

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Part I: The Dinner / Part II: The Nightcap

An eco-paleo-psy­cho-elec­tro-cos­mo talk

Taking inspi­ra­ti­on from table set­tings spe­ci­fic to the pain­tings of Dieric Bouts, Domingo sets a table con­sis­ting of a spe­ci­fi­cally cura­ted array of hand-sculp­ted table­wa­re and objects that sym­bo­li­cally refer to the reli­gious mora­le and redemp­ti­on exer­ci­sed within bibli­cal times. Through inter­con­nec­ting topics rela­ta­ble to the mora­le with topics more appli­ca­ble to our pre­sent-day zeit­geist, they look for over­lap­ping the­mes that unra­vel around the inti­ma­cy of the din­ner table. During their resi­d­en­cy pro­gram in Off the Grid, Domingo focu­ses on the poten­ti­a­li­ty of charac­ter buil­ding and nar­ra­ti­on through the method of script­wri­ting. As part of this research a scrip­ted per­for­man­ce will be play­ed out in two-fold.

Part I: The Dinner [play­ed at Casco, November 16th — 19:00]

Takes on the fami­liar set­ting of a din­ner, unra­vel­ling a tale through a scrip­ted dia­lo­gue refer­ring to topics sur­roun­ding gen­der bia­ses, jealou­sy, con­fes­si­on, redemp­ti­on and betrayal.

Part II: The Nightcap [play­ed at STUK, November 16th — 22:20]

As the night pro­ceeds and the table is clea­red, the fire of dra­ma takes over. What remains is a mere con­glo­me­ra­ti­on of muddled egos and the after­math of over­spo­ken words and open ends.

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