SEASON #3: Land of the Confused – Cascade (Temporary halt)


A pro­ject ini­ti­a­ted by Land of the Confused

Inhabitants: Sadrie Alves, Chloé Arrouy, Stefania Assandri, Elen Braga, Michiel Ceulers, Fran Van Coppenolle, Micha Goldberg, Martha T’Hooft, Bert Jacobs, Lennert De Lathauwer, Flor Maesen, Simon Masschelein, Paepens & Persyn, Pommelien Koolen

Ever-trans­for­ming exhi­bi­ti­on, ongo­ing from April to June 2021

The Land of the Confused takes over Off the, Grid, the artist-run spa­ce in Cas-co for three months. LOTC is like a chan­ging lands­ca­pe, inha­bi­ted by a noma­dic artists’ col­lec­ti­ve. Cas-co makes the spa­ce of Off the, Grid, as vir­gin ter­ri­to­ry, avai­la­ble to the inha­bi­tants of the coun­try. They will be wor­king for three months on Cascade’, an ever-trans­for­ming exhibition.


on 7, 8 & 9 May, from 13u00 to 18u00.

In con­text of Halfopen

Cascade is open to the public.
The cas­ca­de comes to a tem­po­ra­ry halt.
You are invi­ted to visit a crystal­li­za­ti­on of a trans­for­ming exhi­bi­ti­on taking pla­ce at Cas-co.
The shop is open.
The rocks are wat­ching.
Will you come and sing for them?