Line Boogaerts & Ine Claes:
Interval Wiper Switch

Off the Grid
Periode: 01.07.2020—28.02.2021

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Partnership(s): Werktank
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Line Boogaerts & Ine Claes:
Interval Wiper Switch

INTERVAL WIPER SWITCH is an instal­la­ti­on with a car wind­s­creen. The per­for­mer makes dra­wings that are era­sed by a winds­hield wiper.The dra­wings refer to the psy­cho­lo­gy of the occupants.They look through a screen at the sli­ding landscape.

Line Boogaerts and Ine Claes inves­ti­ga­te the inter­ac­ti­on bet­ween video pro­jec­ti­on, dra­wing, move­ment and sound. Through the alter­na­ting rhythm bet­ween lay­e­ring and transpa­ren­cy, the instal­la­ti­on com­bi­nes human inter­ac­ti­on with an arti­fi­ci­al rea­li­ty cre­a­ted by a mecha­ni­cal environment.

INTERVAL WIPER SWITCH was shown for the first time as a per­for­man­ce the 5th of July 2020 in Whitehouse Gallery, for the big launch of the new cross-sec­to­ral & mul­ti­dis­ci­pli­na­ry resi­d­en­cy pro­gram­me of Cas-co. In February 2021 it was shown as an instal­la­ti­on during REFLECTIE, a vitri­ne expo­si­ti­on in con­text of the Off the, Grid programme.