07.03.2024, 18:00—22:00
Seasonal start at Off the Grid - Bebe Books, Oya & Alicja Melzacka

Pick up Artist 04 min

Welcome for the ope­ning of the Spring sea­son at Off the Grid on the 7th of March. Collective-in-resi­den­ce Bebe Books will inau­gu­ra­te their new flag for the flag­po­le at Stroom, cura­tor-in-resi­den­ce Alicja Melzacka will intro­du­ce her prac­ti­ce during a din­ner talk after a series of stu­dio visits and artist-in-resi­den­ce Oya will open the doors of her stu­dio after one month of resi­d­en­cy. We are loo­king for­ward to fes­ti­ve­ly kic­king off this new sea­son of Off the Grid together with you!

Time zone

Save the date 2628.04 for Druk In Leuven, a word and ima­ge fes­ti­val at various loca­ti­ons in the city. The tem­po­ra­ry resi­dents of Off the Grid will pre­sent their research and pro­jects in this framework.