Throwback to 'Les adultes ______ se lever tôt pour travailler.' by Cédric Urbanski

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With gre­at plea­su­re, we are loo­king back on the exhi­bi­ti­on Les adul­tes ______ se lever tôt pour tra­vail­ler.’ by Cédric Urbanski as the result of his three-months resi­d­en­cy in N+1. Urbanski annexed our offi­ces and kit­chen as an exten­si­on of the exhi­bi­ti­on spa­ce / ate­lier. There, he showed a series of pain­tings besi­des a col­lec­ti­on of domestic objects. Thank you for the gre­at work! It was gre­at to have you here in Cas-co.

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