Boek / book: Arnaud De Wolf — Heim

Heim by Arnaud De Wolf FCB

In German, the word Heim’ refers to the pla­ce whe­re one has sett­led or whe­re one comes to rest. As such, it has a dou­ble mea­ning: it refers back to the pla­ce whe­re one was born, but also to the pla­ce whe­re one stays at the end of his life (the Heim’ as a home for the elder­ly or the sick). Heim’ the­re­fo­re encom­pas­ses the fun­da­men­tal move­ment of all human beings: born and rai­sed at a cer­tain pla­ce, refer­ring to this pla­ce as his home’, he goes out into the world, only to return again to his homestead.

The home’ for which one longs is the hou­se whe­re one has grown up, which even if it still exists, is never the same as the one remem­be­red. The home’ is a pla­ce in time, only acces­si­ble through memory.

These pho­to­graphs put us, the vie­wers, in the midd­le of an impos­si­ble situ­a­ti­on. There is no safe har­bour to run to. We’re not only bereft of the enjoy­a­ble cosi­ness of human com­pa­ny but also of the warm embra­ce of plea­sing natu­re. We are put in the posi­ti­on of the wan­de­rer for whom the­re is no pla­ce to rest, for­ced to roam the world wit­hout ever sett­ling down. The blu­eish and cold light reveals a harsh truth: for us, the­re is no Heim’. At least, not here, not in the­se ima­ges, spa­ces, buil­dings. If we’re loo­king for a home, we will have to find it some­whe­re else.

Text: Steven Humblet

Heim by Arnaud De Wolf
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