The body is the building is the body

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An archi­tec­tu­re pro­ject finds ful­fill­ment in its com­ple­ti­on. One could almost say that Architecture is obses­sed with the idea of com­ple­ti­on. Whenever a buil­ding is built, it’s con­si­de­red to be in the sta­te that it’s the best in. What defi­nes a com­ple­ti­on is an ending. An ending can be read as tem­po­ra­li­ty (end of design — con­struc­ti­on – inau­gu­ra­ti­on – life) but also via phy­si­cal, spa­ti­al bor­ders (by being phy­si­cal, the archi­tec­tu­re has limits).

Maintenance is the after­math of com­ple­ti­on and exists within limits defi­ned by that: time­wi­se it works by repro­du­cing and pro­tec­ting an abstract ima­ge that via time gets dis­tor­ted, spa­ce wise it func­ti­ons within the bor­ders that are given as a fra­me­work (main­tai­ning as caring for a pla­ce we belong to, we own, we use: we need a pla­ce; hen­ce we main­tain it).

During the time given by a resi­d­en­cy at Cas-co Leuven, we appro­a­ched main­tenan­ce in the spa­ce as a repe­ti­ti­ve act. Within the foolis­h­ness of such act, an ima­ge that does not tru­ly exist is port­ray­ed and per­for­med. In this pro­cess, we might expe­rien­ce apa­thy but also inti­ma­cy, and its link to the human body. Within the invi­si­ble doing, an almost intan­gi­ble but mutu­al exchan­ge is set.

I take care of the buil­ding, the buil­ding takes care of the body.

08/12/2022The body is the buil­ding is the body 

03/02/2023 The body is the buil­ding is the body

The pre­sen­ta­ti­on opens on the third of February with an artist talk by Every Island. You can visit the exhi­bi­ti­on eve­ry Saturday and Sunday of the month. On the last day of The body is the buil­ding is the body’, the flag­po­le of 019 and Off the Grid will be inau­gu­ra­ted with a flag by Every Island. 

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